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Q. What are the benefits of going green?

A. Manufacturers have a responsibility to introduce new energy efficient products that eliminate the use of harmful emissions to the environment as well as reduce energy consumption. With the hike in rising energy costs, Gram wants to help caterers by drastically reducing these running costs and lowering life cycle costs. In turn, they can then immediately start applying best practice in a busy kitchen while becoming aware of the wider environmental and social implications. For example, customers can now save up to 74% in running costs in comparison between old and new generation Gram products. Once caterers realise the cost saving benefits, this should suggest to the responsible operator that it is correct both financially and ethically to pursue the most energy efficient products.

Q. By using Gram’s products you can go green, but how?

A. Gram has long been a part of the UK government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme, where forward thinking manufacturers can be rewarded for technological innovations proven to significantly reduce energy usage. The Carbon Trust manages the associated Energy Technology List (ETL). Customers who purchase energy efficient equipment from the ETL qualify for a tax relief that allows businesses to deduct 100% of their capital expenditure against their taxable profits in the period of the investment, saving up to £30 for every £100 spent. The scheme offers a generous incentive in comparison to ordinary capital allowances, which give only a £7.50 saving for every £100 spent per annum. These are claimed each year and the rewards show over a longer period of time, as apposed to immediately with the ECA Scheme.

How can you plan your green kitchen?

A. Thanks to our Danish heritage, to us being green is a way of life. We are at the forefront of developing environmentally friendly commercial refrigeration products. It’s important to be
scientifically transparent in all that we do to demonstrate the amount of passion that goes into crafting a Gram product. In total, Gram has over 30 products listed on the Energy Technology List (ETL), including models from its Plus 600 range and Midi 425 & 625..


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A Midi K 425 H has an energy index of 8.47 costing on average £46.53 to run per year, while a Midi K 625 has an index of 6.16 and average costs of £50.59 per year (cost per annum @ 10p KW).