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Compact Range

etllogoCompact 610, as well as the newly launched 210 and 410 cabinets, boast the same top quality functions as the ever popular Plus, Twin, Euro and Midi ranges. They come with a digital temperature controller and acoustic alarm should the door be left open as standard, and are compatible with 2/1 GN products.

This cabinets are the latest products from Gram to be added to the ETL, providing energy efficient equipment to those working within a tight budget.

For more information on our energy efficient product ranges please call our sales office on 01322 616900.

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A Compact 610 refrigerator has an energy index of just 9.32 and has been shown to cost operators £73.31, while the freezer has an index of 32.65 and running costs of £256.82 per annum (at an energy cost of 10p/Kw).