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main Gram is delighted to be able to present the pub sector with a bespoke, first of it’s kind report, taking the results of the popular Green Paper 2010, and stripping out the conclusions and statistics that are directly relevant to pub operators.

The issue of global climate change looms large as ever and the foodservice industry has never been more aware of the part it can play in reducing negative impact on the environment. Change needs to happen from the ground up, from food production and supply processes to energy conscious manufacturing, supported by the efforts of operators and consumers.

Pubs continue to face some of the toughest times in recent memory, with the effects of the recession continuing to exert a stranglehold on the sector. Add to this mix the impact of heavily discounted alcoholic beverages being used as loss-leaders in supermarkets across the country, and it’s not hard to find a multitude of reasons and excuses that the sector might have for abandoning its attempts to become greener.

However, as is clearly demonstrated throughout this report, and most obviously when asked directly about the effects of the recession, the Pub sector as a whole stubbornly refuses to give up its green activities and actions. This level of resilience has long been symbolic of the sector, and with no simple fix to these issues looking likely, long may it continue.


GRAM and the ETL

Awareness of the Energy Technology List (ETL) was demonstrated as being far too low among the catering and hospitality industry in the 2008 Green Paper

Pubs Green Paper

In depth analysis of results and conclusions that are directly relevant to the Pub sector
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Peach_Logo_smallPeach Pubs Case Study

With such an extensive range of refrigeration choices on the market, it can be a challenge for pub operators to find the right solution for their individual business needs. With more pubs turning to their food offering as a revenue stream and increasing consumer demand for fresh produce, pubs are seeing a need for more efficient chilled storage.

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