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Gram tops the Energy Technology List (ETL):

ETLAwareness of the Energy Technology List (ETL) was demonstrated as being far too low among the catering and hospitality industry in the 2008 Green Paper, and unfortunately it seems only marginal improvement has occurred over the last two years. This is of particular concern within the Restaurant sector, where an alarming 0% of those questioned said that they have ever taken advantage of the information provided by the list. With more than 30 different products registered on the ETL, Gram remains one of the UK’s leading suppliers of energy efficient commercial refrigeration equipment.

Managed by the Carbon Trust, the ETL provides valuable information to operators looking to purchase commercial refrigeration equipment. The ETL details products that have been deemed environmentally sound by the Carbon Trust, an independent Government organisation set up to help reduce UK carbon emissions. Customers purchasing appliances that are listed can benefit not only from reduced energy costs, but also from significant tax breaks.

The Energy Technology List, in it's most update form can be downloaded below:

Click here download a pdf of the ETL for refrigerators.

Click here to download a pdf of the ETL for freezers.

Click here to download the ETL FAQ's.


298_9823_JFRThe Gram Green Papers, including this new restaurant specific issue, are a fantastic resource for the industry, and it’s so good to see such an exercise carried out, and followed through. I think this is an excellent initiative by GRAM and one that helps raise greater awareness, and hopefully instigates more operators to pursue greener initiatives

I am further glad that our sector leads the way in so many of the initiatives mentioned in the report. If I could rub a lamp and have a genie pop out, you can rest assured my wish would be for the most green restaurant the world has ever known. The challenge we face is finding ways to become more sustainable, and doing so in such a way that maintains or facilitates our ability to run a commercially viable operation. That is our biggest challenge.
Cyrus Todiwala



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