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mainGram is delighted to be able to present the restaurant sector with a bespoke, first of it’s kind report, taking the results of the popular Green Paper 2010, and stripping out the conclusions and statistics that are directly relevant to restaurant operators.

The issue of global climate change looms large as ever and the foodservice industry has never been more aware of the part it can play in reducing negative impact on the environment. Change needs to happen from the ground up, from food production and supply processes to energy conscious manufacturing, supported by the efforts of operators and consumers.

Consumer demand is continuing to drive the need for higher green standards within the restaurant sector and more and more restaurateurs are starting to realise that sustainability and green initiatives are both good for business and good for the planet.

Recycling and the use of energy saving light bulbs are just some of the improvements that restaurants are continuing to drive and with a growing number of individuals becoming personally responsible for capital equipment purchasing, it is no wonder that this paper has revealed an increase in the proactivity of addressing these issues within the restaurant industry.


GRAM and the ETL

Awareness of the Energy Technology List (ETL) was demonstrated as being far too low among the catering and hospitality industry in the 2008 Green Paper

Restaurants Green Paper

In depth analysis of results and conclusions that are directly relevant to the Restaurant sector
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298_9823_JFRThe Gram Green Papers, including this new restaurant specific issue, are a fantastic resource for the industry, and it’s so good to see such an exercise carried out, and followed through. I think this is an excellent initiative by GRAM and one that helps raise greater awareness, and hopefully instigates more operators to pursue greener initiatives

I am further glad that our sector leads the way in so many of the initiatives mentioned in the report. If I could rub a lamp and have a genie pop out, you can rest assured my wish would be for the most green restaurant the world has ever known. The challenge we face is finding ways to become more sustainable, and doing so in such a way that maintains or facilitates our ability to run a commercially viable operation. That is our biggest challenge.
Cyrus Todiwala

SRA-logoAs the Green Paper 2010 shows, the restaurant industry’s awareness of the importance of sustainability, as a business benefit as well as an environmental essential, is growing.

The hospitality industry has been slow to catch on to the many benefits attached to being more sustainable. But restaurants are now realising that taking small steps across the full range of sustainability can save them money, match diners’ demands and be good for the planet. Energy efficient kitchen equipment is one such solution. Better waste management and simple water saving measures are other straightforward ways restaurants can mark themselves out from the competition and see real cost benefits.
Sustainable Restaurant Association


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