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Energy Check

Let Energy Check calculate your savings

With Energy Check you can easily calculate what saving replacing your refrigerator or freezer with a energy efficient Gram cabinet will provide.

How does Energy Check work?
In section A you fill in the kWh-price which you pay and how much energy your cabinet uses.

The energy consumption can be informed under two different assumptions:

"Without door openings/24 hours at 25ºC ambient temperature" or "With 72 door openings/24 hours at 30ºC ambient temperature". The latter norm reflects a normal working day with hard impact on the equipment.

Then click Calculate

In section B you choose what product to compare with. Energy Check remembers your kWh-price, your chosen assumption and the result of calculation A.
Yearly energy expense. Fill in the information and click "Calculate"

kWh-price in £:
kWh/24 hours:
 Without door openings/24 hours at 25ºC ambient temperature
 With 72 door openings/24 hours at 30ºC ambient temperature

Calculate yearly expense in £:  
Yearly savings. Choose a comparable cabinet from the list and calculate your savings

kWh-price in £:
Choose a comparable Gram cabinet from the ETL list:
Result of calculation A:
Yearly savings in £:  



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