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Gram Snowflake


A sub-brand of Gram Commercial, the SNOWFLAKE 605, available in both refrigerator and freezer specifications, is designed to meet the needs of your kitchen for durability, easy cleaning and energy-saving features.

The SNOWKFLAKE 605 is listed on the ETL underpinning its competitively low energy usage in comparison with other units in its class.

Economical in its energy usage and design, the SNOWFLAKE 605 is an affordable solution to the need demand for reliable, efficient refrigerated storage.

For more information on SNOWFLAKE 605, please download the brochure or call our sales office on 01322 616900

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A Compact 610 refrigerator has an energy index of just 9.32 and has been shown to cost operators £73.31, while the freezer has an index of 32.65 and running costs of £256.82 per annum (at an energy cost of 10p/Kw).